Frontier Communications

Retirees FAQ

  1. Is the Company continuing to provide medical benefits to retirees? Will there be any changes?
  • For our retirees, we do not currently intend to make any changes to the Company’s retiree health or life insurance benefits.
  • If you have already retired and are enrolled in a retiree medical plan, we do not currently expect there will be any changes to your benefits.
  1. Is my 401(k) plan account at risk because of the court-supervised process?
  • Under the U.S. federal law, the assets in your 401(k) plan are held “in trust” for you and are not available to the Company or its creditors – even in bankruptcy.
  1. I own Frontier stock in my 401(k) account. What happens to the stock in the 401(k) plan as a result of the Chapter 11 filing?
  • There may be restrictions relating to the Frontier stock fund. Fidelity will be made aware of any restrictions and any required notices will be sent to affected participants.
  • Please be aware that the insider trading rules continue to apply to those affected employees.
  1. How does the Chapter 11 filing affect the Company’s Pension plan? What about my annuity?
  • Under the U.S. federal law, the assets in the pension plan are held “in trust” and are not available to the Company or its creditors – even in bankruptcy.
  • For current retirees, monthly Pension checks will continue to be issued.
  • There may be changes to any special death benefits payable under the Pension Plan – Retirees will receive a notice from Milliman regarding these changes.
  • You may contact Milliman at 1-866-333-2074, option 1, to understand if these changes impact you or request a copy of the notice.
  1. Can retiree stockholders sell the shares of the stock they own? Should they do so?
  • The Company does not provide investment advice. Please contact your financial advisor or brokerage firm to discuss the options available to you.
  1. I receive non-qualifying supplemental pension income payments from Frontier. Will those continue?
  • We have requested approval to continue making non-qualifying pension payments for eligible participants. 
  1. Will anything happen to my telephone concession or discount service benefits?
  • At this time, we do not expect any changes to our existing programs.