Frontier Communications

We Are Serving Customers Across the U.S. Without Interruption

  • Frontier is open for business, providing customers with quality services and maintaining our long-standing relationships with vendors and business partners

  • Frontier has reached an Agreement on a financial restructuring plan to become a stronger company

On April 14, 2020, Frontier voluntarily filed for Chapter 11, a court-supervised process that allows companies to reorganize their finances while continuing daily business operations.

In Frontier’s case, we expect this court-supervised process will:

  • Frontier Communications

    Enable Frontier to become a stronger partner for customers and keep them connected to what matters most

  • Frontier Communications

    Provide significant financial flexibility to invest in our business for the long term

  • Frontier Communications

    Significantly improve our capital structure and reduce our debt by more than $10 billion

Keeping You Connected and Informed

We expect to continue our service to all of our customers throughout the court-supervised process. Our network is built to effectively serve customers today and with the future in mind. Our engineers monitor it 24×7, so our network continues to deliver.

Becoming a Stronger Provider

As a result of this restructuring process, we will be better positioned to accelerate investments in upgrading our network reliability and speeds, delivering new innovative solutions, adding top-tier talent to our organization and becoming an even stronger provider for existing and new customers.