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We Are Serving Customers and Communities Across the U.S. Without Interruption

  • Frontier is open for business, providing customers and communities with quality services and maintaining our long-standing relationships with vendors and business partners

On August 21, Frontier received confirmation from the Court for its Plan for Reorganization, paving the way to emerge from Chapter 11.

Upon emergence, the Plan will:

  • Frontier Communications

    Enable Frontier to become a stronger partner for customers and keep them connected to what matters most

  • Frontier Communications

    Provide significant financial flexibility to accelerate our transformation, invest in infrastructure and drive efficiencies

  • Frontier Communications

    Significantly improve our capital structure and reduce our debt by more than $10 billion

Keeping You Connected and Informed

We expect to continue our service to all of our customers throughout the court-supervised process. Our network is built to effectively serve customers today and with the future in mind. Our engineers monitor it 24×7, so our network continues to deliver.

Becoming a Stronger Provider

As a result of this restructuring process, we will be better positioned to accelerate investments in upgrading our network reliability and speeds, delivering new innovative solutions, adding top-tier talent to our organization and becoming an even stronger provider for existing and new customers.

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